April 7, 2016 @ 9:46 am

Natalie Copeland

It's Episode 83 with Natalie Copeland! 

We talk about her show, Challenger, which opens today at Pocket Theatre. Learn more at www.rockettheatrelab.com.
Fly back to 1986 and train with teachers Christa McAuliffe and Barbara Morgan as they prepare to go where no civilian has gone before - space! From the "vomit comet" to the interview room and the space shuttle itself, explore the heights of friendship, what it means to take risks, and our place in space with this all-woman ensemble as they become teachers, astronauts, engineers, and more. Never shying from the ultimate fate that media, politics, and technical malfunctions portend, this feminist re-telling of the Challenger disaster story is a passionate love poem to those who dared to go, their families, and their vision for the world through movement, song, and memoir.


Thursday, April 7, @ 8pm
Friday, April 8 @ 10pm
Friday April 15 @ 10pm
Saturday, April 16 @10pm

Featuring Danielle Daggerty, Kirsten Deane, Lia Lee, Sarah Karnes, Shaleka Quezada, Jillian Sternke, Stacey Venzel and Lily Warpinski.
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