January 15, 2016 @ 10:53 pm

Erin Pike and HATLO

It’s Episode 62 with Erin Pike and HATLO! We talk about the upcoming run of That'swhatshesaid.

That'swhatshesaid is a one-person performance using only female dialogue from the most-produced plays in America, That'swhatshesaid is a brutal theatrical exercise in isolation. When a female character is left alone with no male protagonists to support, her behaviors gain both chaos and clarity, resulting in a concentrated dose of the modern theater's intended role for women.

created and performed by Erin Pike
written by Courtney Meaker
directed by HATLO
That'swhatshesaid runs February 4-7 at Gay City - Calamus Auditorium. >>Tickets.

This episode is sponsored by Hedgebrook
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