August 1, 2015 @ 12:58 pm

Arlene Martínez-Vázquez

It's Episode 34 with Arlene Martínez-Vázquez!

We talk about directing and her upcoming production of The Passion As Told by Antígona Pérez. Arlene translated the play and made revisions to bring it into the present day. 

"With the Greek chorus transformed into a host of multi-cultural news reporters working for online media and a crowd of citizens who Tweet and update their Facebook status at every move of their despotic dictator, this production features an entirely Hispanic cast as the residents of the Republic of Molina - highlighting the discrepancies between perception and reality in the era of global information."

The show runs August 14-30 at 12th Avenue Arts and is produced by Thriving Artists>>More info and tickets.

This episode is sponsored by KLM XYZ Creative Communications
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