April 7, 2016 @ 9:43 am

Erin Brindley

It's Episode 82 with Erin Brindley, hosted by Olena Hodges! 

Erin is the co-founder of Café Nordo, uses theater and food to tell innovative and immersive stories. We talk about food as a character, Erin's inspiration behind some of her creations, and the incredible menu she has created for Café Nordo's current 1960's spy thriller, To Savor Tomorrow.  

To Savor Tomorrow brings audiences into the elite world of air travel in the 1960's when feasts consisting of more than a bag of stale nuts was the norm. The show opens today, April 7, and runs Thursday through Sunday through June 5. Tickets are available at www.cafenordo.com.

This episode is sponsored by Island Shakespeare Festival.
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