September 18, 2017 @ 7:20 pm

Amanda Berg-Wilson

It’s Episode 106 with Amanda Berg-Wilson! We talk about You on the Moors Now, The Catamounts and The Wild Party, opening October 14 as part of Denver Center for the Performing Arts’ Off-Center Season.

>>Tickets for You On the Moors Now, running through September 30th.

Cast: Matthew Blood-Smyth, Joan Bruemmer-Holden, Anastasia Davidson, Alex Forbes, Sam Gilstrap, Brian Kusic, Luciann Lajoie, Laura Lounge, Jason Maxwell, Jihad Milhem, Alaina Beth Reel, Austin Terrell, Maggie Tisdale, and Joe Von Bokern

Direction by Amanda Berg Wilson
Costume Design by Steffani Bolmer-Day
Lighting Design by Sean Mallary
Production by Sara McPherson Horle
Scenic Design by Randy Yonally
Sound Design by Brian Freeland
Stage Management by Kristin Fernandez

>>Tickets for The Wild Party.

This episode is sponsored by Panfocal Photography.

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